For Communication & Filtering Products

Compass Foundation, LLC, and its affiliate, Compass Canada, Ltd, produce an array of internet filtering and communication products including, but not limited to, Daystar Email, DrawBridge Filtering, Orbit Mobile Solutions, mobile device software, messaging platforms, and network security solutions.

I.   Customer Commitment to Compass Foundation

A. Compass customers
agree to use all products developed and maintained by Compass Foundation in a manner befitting the Christian principles of charitableness, honesty, respect, and virtue. The following points represent a minimum code of conduct for users of Compass products:

1. Do not break the law.

   a. Fraudulent or deceptive activity of any kind
   b. Copyright infringement, software theft, privacy theft
   c. Child pornography, extortion, and all types of criminal scamming or hacking

2. Do not harm others.

   a. Posting/sending inappropriate content, whether pornographic, violent, offensive, obscene, or criminal
   b. Bullying, threatening, stalking, blackmail, exploitation, and invasion of privacy
   c. Intentionally spreading computer malware/viruses or engaging in spamming, phishing, and content scraping

3. Do not misappropriate Compass products & services.
   a. Forcing unauthorized access to Compass hardware, data centers, servers, admin consoles
   b. Copying, altering, distributing, or reselling Compass software without proper authorization
   c. Sharing Compass subscription services or usage licenses outside their intended and listed scope to avoid fees
   d. Circumvention of security measures, filtering software, permissions, or accountability policies, with the deliberate intent to access inappropriate content or to hide communication or online activities.

B. Willful violations of this code of conduct may result in suspension of user privileges and/or termination of accounts. Compass Foundation reserves the right to investigate and respond to any ethical breaches when such violations are committed by using the products and platforms maintained by Compass.

 II.  Compass Foundation Commitment to Customers

A.  Compass Foundation is committed to maintain all systems, software, and platforms in a state of functionality at all times. However, weather events, ISP or utility outages, and system maintenance and upgrades may cause occasional service interruptions. Compass Foundation cannot be held responsible for customer losses incurred by such interruptions, although every attempt will be made to mitigate such downtimes and assist with recovery and repairs caused by Compass system failures. 

B. Compass Foundation continually refines its filtering products to keep them relevant with changing web content and internet technology. Since any filtering safeguards can introduce unforeseen inconvenience, Compass Foundation cannot guarantee that its products will never interfere with legitimate functioning of devices, apps, or websites. However, it will make every reasonable effort to resolve such conflicts promptly.

C. Compass Foundation takes every precaution to safeguard customer data and protect customer privacy, both from the threat of outside cyber-attacks, as well as from internal breaches of confidentiality.

D. Compass Foundation desires all customers to use its products freely and with the option of canceling services at any time.

E. Compass Foundation reserves the right to improve, alter, deprecate, or re-price its products or update these Terms of Service without advance notice. However, it will always strive for fair and transparent communication to respect customer choice and to minimize service interruption.