Defending values. Equipping vigilance. Protecting virtue.


Compass Foundation was founded in 2014 by a group of Christian businessmen from Mennonite communities in North America who recognized both the usefulness and dangers of information technology, and who sought to provide wholesome and productive environments for their families, employees, and fellow believers.


We believe internet technology can help us fulfill our callings in the Kingdom but also has the potential to distract and deceive us if used without purposeful boundaries.

We believe that software solutions can never replace the power of the Holy Spirit in helping Christians choose virtuously in a digital world filled with destructive temptations, but that automated security measures can nonetheless provide safety railings in the home, school, and workplace.

We view the entertainment and social media aspects of internet technology as largely detrimental to Christian virtue and healthy human relationships.

We believe in preserving the privacy of personal communication and data wherever possible, rather than compromising privacy for free services.


  • To provide software and hardware tools that safeguard communication and internet technology, shaped by the values of the plain Anabaptist communities.

  • To seek peaceable and productive collaboration with any technology partners, businesses, churches, and organizations who share our  vision for utilizing technology in a manner that honors God.


Our products and services are maintained by a team of around two dozen programmers and technicians based in various regional offices in North and South America.