FREE email is never free. Read the fine print.
Plenty of email providers are happy to give you a free account in exchange for your privacy. They can sell your information to vendors and you become a target for advertisements everywhere you go on the internet.

Big Tech has been demonstrating its aversion to conservative Christian values. Why give them your personal communication to read?
Take back your privacy with Daystar email.

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Who will benefit from using Daystar?


If you are fed up with email providers spying on you and sending spam to make up for their "free service", look no further than  Daystar

Priced with the thrifty-user in mind, Daystar comes with a custom email address complete with smart spam filtering and dynamic content filtering.


You lose time and/or money every time your email filtering service mistakes one of your customer's emails for spam. 

Daystar is a secure email service dedicated to protecting your privacy.  And it is smart enough to keep your customer's emails away from the spam folder.

High volume with unique email address? No problem.
Get up to 100 unique email address with a custom domain and say "goodbye" to spam today. 

How does Daystar work?

Daystar analyzes every email before it gets to you.  The worst of the worst emails get silently deleted.  The questionable emails are sent to your spam folder. 

If you are expecting an email, and you worry that it might have been mistaken for spam, you can log on to the web interface at any time and white-list the email.

Why does Daystar care about your privacy?

In the realm of technology, whenever something is given away, it’s for a reason. Too often, the reason for free email is so that the email provider can have access to your data. This is a privacy problem that should be considered.

Many times we have raised the privacy question to people in the Plain Community, and almost as often, the reply comes back “I don’t have anything to hide”. Certainly not. Does that mean any stranger may enter your house or business at any time and snoop around at their leisure? Would you mind if a robot is programmed to do this instead of a person?

The Email Service that doesn't track you!

Daystar  is committed to protecting your privacy.  We believe that your privacy is a pearl that is not for the eyes of strangers.

Why Another Email Service?

Common Values

In our experience, many paid email services have in-adequate spam filtering. Or if their filtering is adequate, it’s too hard for users to administrate.

Daystar endeavors to provide excellent spam filtering combined with the content filtering and user control of DrawBridge in accordance with the values of the Plain Communities.

Honest Service

We have come to expect email services to include more than just email. We’d also like Contacts and Calendar syncing as well. The free services are more than eager to provide those features - it’s that much more data to build a larger profile about you and all your associates.

Daystar uses open source protocols that make syncing available inexpensively, but without the privacy problems from free providers.